Green with Envy

I was thinking a little more about green and thought about the cliché, “green with envy.”

It’s funny how when you are envious or jealous, you are at your least attractive. If someone is jealous of another’s affection, the jealousy repels the other person instead of attracting them. Isn’t life just full of paradoxes?

When I was still dating, it wasn’t until I gave up trying to find that special someone was when my wife and I met. Like my momma said, “Stop trying so hard!”

Illustration Friday: Green

Cartoon- Camouflage Easter Egg Hunt
Cartoon of puzzled family at Easter egg hunt. Dad says, “Maybe I should have dyed the Easter eggs a different color

As cold as things are in Indiana, I’m wondering if Easter eggs wouldn’t show up if we just stuck to white? I wasn’t this cold as Christmas time. I’ve heard of a three dog night. This is a cat-in-the-lap sort of day. Across the country, this will be the first season of Easter egg hunts that will involve mittens, snowmen and hot chocolate.


Ties and floppy hats

Caption reads: “It’s only fair. If boys have to wear ties on Easter, girls have to wear the floppy hats.”

So much of Easter centers around clothes. There’s “Sunday best” and then there’s “Easter’s best.” Floppy hats at Easter are the equivalent to ties. Neither have much of a use except to dress up that already new and flashy outfit.

Word of advice to the guys: don’t take a hat to church, especially if it’s a baseball cap. The ladies get offended when you are upstaging them.

Easter in Indiana

Cartoon of girl with Easter dress in a snowstorm
Cartoon of a girl in a snowstorm. The caption says, “Macey tries out her Eater dress in the middle of a Midwestern, United States spring.”

Yesterday, it was 77°f here (25°c). A cold front moved through. We have a chance of snow flurries among the cold, gusty winds. Sunday promises to have a high of only 43°f (6°c). I’m going to feel sorry for all the ladies and girls in Easter dresses! Hang on, there! spring is coming, it’s just hidden right now.

Kids Prayer Request Card

Here’s an illustration I’ve done this morning for Warner Press. It’s for a prayer card. In July, you can have a prayer card for the kids in your pew.

This artwork is property of Warner Press. Do not reproduce in any way without their permission.