Kitty Wisdom

Caption reads: “If you are wise, you will think before you do that.”

No animals have been harmed in the production of this cartoon. We have a cat. The kids have been tempted to do such a thing, but so far, so good. I hope this doesn’t give them an idea.

Wisdom for Sale

Caption reads: “I’d like a million dollars worth of wisdom, please. Can you just bill me?”

I look at this cartoon in two ways. On one hand, wisdom is valuable. It is rare and expensive but worth the price. I’ve seen plenty of smart people without much wisdom.

On the other hand, if you bill someone for an outrageous sum, is it wise? We’ll leave that up to the store clerk to find out.

Love and Respect

Caption reads: “Dear God, I love and respect you. I’ll love and respect you even more if you get me through this test!”

Yes, I’ve had a few tests like that. It’s amazing how our priorities change when we come upon a test, isn’t it? Tests and promises seem to go hand in hand!

Illustration Friday: Hide

Caption reads: “Hi, Bob. Have you seen Frank? I need him to help in the nursery.”

My wife is a children’s director for our church. You would be right if you supposed I have heard similar words before. About ten years ago, I would be hiding like this guy. But now I realize it’s great to be in children’s ministry. I like to see the future. And I’m not scared when I see it. They have more potential than us grumpy, proper grown-ups!

Church Bulletins

Caption: “If you don’t get me the copy for the bulletin in ten minutes, Sunday morning church will be canceled.”

I love church bulletins. As a child, they kept me busy. They gave me something to doodle on as I listened to my grandfather’s sermons. It was fun to read the words he had typed in the bulletin while I heard him preach. It was like stereo for the mind.

Bulletins are an important part of church communications. Hey, if you need some, go to Warner Press. My employer would be so glad!