Monster Christmas

Monsters says, “The great thing about being a monster around Christmas is it’s the one day I can wear a red outfit with my green skin.”

I did this cartoon a few years ago. I’m pretty sure “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” had something to do with this cartoon. It’s either that or one particularly moving episode of “Sesame Street.”


Complete the caption: Santa Jam

This week, I saw a traffic jam on our local freeway. I thought about how this affects the Christmas spirit.

The next thing you know, this image popped into my strange, little mind.

I am using it for the Christian Humor Writers’ “Complete the Caption” exercise this week.

You’re invited to try your own caption in the comments as well.

Merry Christmas,

Snowman Convertible

It’s getting cold here. I was thinking about the poor souls with convertibles. It’s a shame you can’t use them in an Indiana winter… unless you’re a snowman.

Low Overhead

Cartoon low overhead at churchCartoon of a man at a sidewalk stand. The sign says Gurgle Grove church. The pastor says to a woman, “We prefer a low overhead.”

It’s that lovely time of year where budgets are squeezed, tested and pushed. What are some good ways to cut expenses? I know! Cut that overhead.

I thought of the ideal for this cartoon when I was in the middle of a lengthy, boring, budget meeting. Thank heavens you can doodle and make it look like note-taking!

IF: Might Digital

Here is my version of “might”, in a digital style. I still waffle over what is better: organic color pencils or the digitized twenty-first century!