Burning Anger

Caption reads: “I can’t stand your patience! It burns me up! Put up your dukes!”

Anger is a scary emotion because it has so much power and can get out of control before we know it. A patient man calms things down. Looks like the guy on the right is so determined to be angry that he is going to start his fight anyway. That’s what happens when you burn with anger.

Kindness Works

Caption reads: “Why thank you for bringing me my newspaper. You are just in time for some fresh-baked cookies.”

Does the boy have ulterior motives or is he just a kind soul who gets rewarded? Who knows. Motives aren’t always easy to figure out. All I know is I’ve been rewarded more for kindness than selfishness in my lifetime.

It’s one of those funny paradoxes. The more selfish we are, the more miserable we become. The more generous and kind we are, the more we get rewarded. Let’s go do a kind deed today-whether we are rewarded or not. Of course, I can be bribed with cookies too.

Junkyard Dog

Caption reads: “A puppy! Can I keep you?”

When it comes to kids and pets, love is blind. You can have a mangy, mean animal that looks like it should have gone to that great pound in the sky and the kid thinks it is smarter than Lassie and more beautiful than anything at the Westminister Dog Show!

I’m just glad when it came to love, my wife was blind. It gave me a chance to win her heart before her eyes opened.

Motives and reasons

Caption reads: “I can’t decide whether to do the right thing for the wrong reason or the wrong thing for the right reason.”

Ever had a time when there just didn’t seem to be any easy answer? There is nothing like getting in trouble for doing the right thing! Still, it is better to do the right thing and get in trouble than do the wrong thing and feel horrible even if you stayed out of the hot water.

Kitty Wisdom

Caption reads: “If you are wise, you will think before you do that.”

No animals have been harmed in the production of this cartoon. We have a cat. The kids have been tempted to do such a thing, but so far, so good. I hope this doesn’t give them an idea.