Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!
Yes, there is nothing like a holiday to bring out the true nature of people. I hope you will have a blessed Christmas season.

Sunday Sermon: Advent & Isaiah

Yesterday, My pastor, Jim Lyon, preached on Isaiah’s prophecy about Jesus. He said we needed to accept the gift Christ gave us when He came to earth. So here are the notes I took for this week. By the way, only twenty-eight days until Christmas!

IF: Invention

This week’s theme at Illustration Friday is “invention.” When I was at my mom’s for Thanksgiving, I saw a picture of me and my mom when I was a toddler. The next thing I knew, I heard “Necessity is the mother of invention.” So now you’ve met invention and his mom!

1 Peter 1:13-15

I did this devotional this morning while I was waiting for everyone to get ready for Thanksgiving. It’s a good thing for me to remember as I go through the fun of a holiday weekend and the start of the Christmas season. 1 Peter is full of such good stuff. You can tell Peter had lived out his faith and proved his faithfulness through many years.