IF: Smoke

This time of year brings back great memories of leaf piles, trick or treating and Grandma’s strawberry pie (her pumpkin pie was okay but ooh! That strawberry!)

One of the things I’m not keen about growing up is when you have to act responsible when there is work to be done. Forget the raking! Can’t I just jump in those leaves once?

Of course, the other downside of growing up is the forty-year old, big body isn’t taking that jump in the leaves as that ten year-old body. Someone get the ambulance, please.

Growing up

My son is growing. He’s taller than me now and isn’t done yet. I drew a doodle and tried a few captions out. It’s always good to try ten captions and pick one out of the group. Who knows! I may put this in finished form.

IF: This week’s theme is Ghost

I like having a child getting the best of a ghost. Perhaps it’s a little of those “Casper, the Friendly Ghost,” cartoons that affect my wish. ‘Tis the time of year where things go bump in the night.

Smitten: Illustration Friday

I’ve decided I need to focus more on my illustration. There is a site called Illustration Friday. It gives a topic and illustrators give their take on a word that week. Here is my take on the word, “smitten.”

I began with five thumbnail sketches on the topic. I chose the bottom corner one because I liked the way it told a story. What happened before this moment? Will Cupid and the girl win. Is there a conspiracy going on? Stay tuned!