Boardin’ Pastor

I used this cartoon for a cartoon caption contest on Yahoo’s Christian Humor Writing Group. I heard several great captions but the winner was Crystal Miller with…

This kind of lightening bolt wasn’t what Rev. Thomas expected for his Sunday morning sermon.”

It’s fun to see what someone else would write as a caption to you own cartoon.


Expirimenting with my own site

I’m attemting to see if I should have my blog through my personal website at If it works, I will continue my blogs at that site. See what you think.


Feeding the five thousand healthily!

I keep hearing all the talk about eating a healthy diet. They must assault you with all this information when you reach middle age.

All the food in the past must have been healthier, right? It wasn’t processed. So…. if you’re feeding five thousand, you want the best in healthy fare.

Quiet Reflection

It’s school time again! The running, yelling and pushing abounds on the playgrounds and the classrooms. I was a quiet kid, so I can imagine wanting a little bit of that quiet reflection. Heaven knows I certainly did a lot of praying in school.
“Dear God, please let their be something new for lunch. Please let their be a place for me at kickball. And Please help that one girl not to have cooties!”

Classroom Consolidation

I love working with kids at my church. I pray I won’t get too old to act silly in Sunday school, play a little Twister and drink red punch.

I’ve seen older people that just love kids and a few who… well, let’s just say life has been tough on them and they are no longer user friendly to babies.

Let’s keep the faith and stay young, if only young at heart.