Web site gods

Cartoon of the greek god of web sites
Copyright 1998 Kevin Spear & New Riders Publishing

Cartoon of a nerdy guy next to an old PC. The caption says, “Ernie was the Greek god of web pages.”

It feels romantic whenever you take something modern and bring some mythology to it. That’s why I have always loved comic books. It takes the mythology of old and brings it into the modern age. The most obvious example is Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning. Then there’s The Flash. That guy is Mercury,  the Roman god, in tights.

I have admired web coders and designer for quite some time. I drew this cartoon as part of a book entitled “The New Riders Yellow Pages.” At the time I drew this, The Internet had taken over the public. The web bubble had not burst yet. web designers and coders were almost looked at as gods, even if their name was Ernie!


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