Why Are Women Less Likely To Become Entrepreneurs Than Men? : NPR

Businessman to two businesswomen, "That was a spectacular fail! Let's do it again!"I heard this spot from NPR yesterday on why men are more likely to be entrepreneurs than men.

Analysis finds women are less likely to be arrogant about mistakes and more likely to be humble about their achievements. Men are more likely to disregard market signals that their ideas are flawed.

Source: Why Are Women Less Likely To Become Entrepreneurs Than Men? : NPR

This surprised me. The conclusion seemed to say guys who are too arrogant to realize they made a mistake are the entrepreneurs that are most likely to succeed.

This is counter to what I believe would make a good business person. Then again, are the entrepreneurs that can’t see their mistakes the kind of person that wouldn’t make it in an established business?

In order for a person to be able to succeed, he or she needs a certain amount of humility or they couldn’t get along with anyone. I believe this study exaggerates a common trait in entrepreneurs. Then again, why am I so arrogant to think I should disregard the study?

Author: Kevin Spear

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