Too much information?

cartoon of a woman tossing her smartphone
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Cartoon of a frustrated woman tossing her smartphone. She says, “Stop giving me so much information!”

One morning, while I was watching Captain Kangaroo, a television ad came on the old picture tube. This was in the 1970’s, mind you. It said, “More information is being gathered each week than in all the previous years before 1970. It was complaining about how we were drowning in information.

I heard a stat the other day from Matt McKee. He said thanks to social media, more content is being created every hour than in all the content created between the dawn of time and 1950.

That isn’t to say it’s all good content. I have my fill of cute puppy and crazy kitten videos. Maybe it is too much information. I keep wanting to yell, “TMI! TMI!” at my smartphone, don’t you?


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