Ripple in the Gulf

Cartoon of birds on a soiled beachCartoon of birds at a beach. They are all the same color. One bird says, “Remember before the oil spill when we were different colors?”

I did this for Illustration Friday. This week is a special focus on the Gulf of Mexico. This week’s word is “ripple.”

This will also be for the ripple blog at

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has held my attention from the beginning. My family loves Florida beaches and it breaks my heart to see any beach soiled with crude oil. What a mess!

Author: Kevin Spear

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4 thoughts on “Ripple in the Gulf”

  1. Nicely done…it really makes me want to ‘color’ the birds in reality and in your illo.

  2. Thank you, Darice. Here’s to hoping all the wildlife along the Gulf will see better days soon.

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