Spear Cartoon 3365

Cartoon of a son asking his dad a question

Cartoon of boy asking Dad, “On what day did God create the Internet?”

I read an article from “Christian Computing Magazine.” It was talking about cloud computing and how it’s coming faster than anyone would have anticipated.

Jim VanDuzer, the author, talked about how netbooks and iPhones are totally changing the way we use computers. it reminded me of a problem we had at my church the other week. I normally use the Internet for portions of my lesson and accessing files from my MobileMe account. IT changed the setup so there was no longer a password needed to get onto the wireless.

The only problem was, I couldn’t get on at all. It seemed all the smartphones were hogging the connection. Whether people were using the wi-fi or not, the phones aggressively accessed the wi-fi nonetheless.

It amazes me how pervasive technology has become in our church in such a small amount of time. How has technology affected how your church works?

Author: Kevin Spear

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