Let’s Visit Community Hospital Anderson Coloring & Activity Book

Inside spread of the a picture activity for the Community Hospital Anderson Coloring Book
Copyright 2016 Community Hospital Anderson

This year, I had an opportunity to create this coloring book for Community Hospital Anderson in Anderson, Indiana. I loved this project because for me, it was an experiment using technology in a new way and it is designed to help children who may be in an emergency or a health crisis. Continue reading “Let’s Visit Community Hospital Anderson Coloring & Activity Book”

Scarecrow Coloring Page


The other night, A full September moon lit up the night sky. I love it when the moon is so bright it casts clear shadows! That made me want to draw a coloring page for you. Continue reading “Scarecrow Coloring Page”

Autumn in the spring activity (in progress)

Puzzle_pg3_psd___71_8___Color_Fill_1__RGB_8___I’ve been working on an activity book lately. In this activity, the student finds and circles the activities that AREN’T spring activities. Though truth be told, I’ve seen a snowman in the spring time. He was mushy and didn’t look very happy, but those around him were more than happy he was dissolving into a puddle.

I am illustrating this activity for Warner Press. This book will come out January, 2015.

As I am writing this, it is autumn in my neck of the woods. What are your favorite autumn activities?


Plague of Frogs Coloring Page

coloring page of frogs

Here is a coloring page for you. It is based on the Plague of Frogs in Exodus 8.

Click on the image to download a pdf of this file. Feel free to use this for classroom and ministry use.

Jesus in the temple picture activity

Picture activity for Warner Press' itty-bitty Easter book

 I just finished this activity for Warner Press. The one thing that made this activity stand out for me was this was the first time in quite a while I drew the whole thing directly in Adobe Photoshop. The sketch didn’t exist on paper until I printed it out the first time.

That is not generally how I work. Usually, I’ll make the sketch within my sketchbook and then scan it. This time, I decided to give myself the challenge of going directly to the software.

I rendered the background art and bike in Adobe Illustrator. For items that require a straight line, that’s where I go. I laugh when someone sees me draw and say, “I’d like to be an artist, but I can’t draw a straight line.” Join the club! No one I know of draws straight lines without using a mechanical device or the computer.

Since these are pocket books, the art is tiny. That’s another reason why I drew the details in Illustrator, i couldn’t get the detail in the bike or elevator buttons without creating it in Illustrator then pasting the file in Photoshop. When it comes to drawing, the two programs work like a charm.

This art is the property of Warner Press, which is why I added the copyright. Use is prohibited without permission from the publisher. They’re at http://www.warnerpress.org