Do you find the slop to your liking?

Featured image of three pigs. One is a waiter and two are at a trough
“If you two find the slop to your liking, I will bring the check.”

I feel for my mom. With four kids to feed, she probably felt there were many a time when she was slopping the hogs. It didn’t matter if it was the finest cuisine or leftovers.  We ate like little piggies and barely grunted a thank you without Dad’s direction.

Now I realize how well she took care of us. I couldn’t have been easy to keep four kids fed, clean and out of trouble while holding a job. But Mom and Dad did it well and with style. Today, I see how much I had to be thankful for.

You may be a Mom or Dad that is tired of slopping your little piggies. But you can know that one day, the kids will realize how well you really took care of them. The realization happens about the time they have to take care of little piggies of their own.

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Birds of a Feather

Amazingly enough, Karl, Ken and Kevin always came up with the same ideas.


I’ve been working on getting an MBA. You may ask, “You? An illustrator and designer?” Yes. One day I woke up and realized if I was going to be successful in business, I should know a little more about it.

In my organizational behavior class, we’ve been talking about groupthink. It brought to me reminders of George Orwell and “1984.” Groupthink is when people within a business legitimizes their decisions because everyone wants to get along and think the same way. A company thinks their decisions are fool-proof, only to realize later they were actually foolish.

I thought of a flock of birds all chirping in harmony. Sure, it sounds pretty, but once in a while, shouldn’t one of the birds pipe up and say, “Wait a minute! Is this the best tune for this occasion?”

Creativity can suffer under groupthink. We’re all victims of it. It’s hard to see a book without paper pages. It can be difficult for a business used to printing paper books to try electronic publishing. Publishers can cringe whenever an author embraces self-publishing and questions the old model’s legitimacy. Yet, technology marches on and is challenging groupthink in some rough ways.

What are some ways you escape groupthink? How can you challenge the status quo today?

Pardon Me/Love Me

Illustration of a man reluctantly holding a loving cat

Illustration of a man reluctantly holding a loving cat.

Sometimes love come when you least expect it… or want it. Cats are notorious for wanting affection on their own terms. I believe they wait until the least opportune time, then spring into action. Of course, they don’t care to love you when you come home. They wait until they are certain you are about to begin a new project.

One nice about having a cat, is they help promote procrastination. Everybody can use that, right?

Perfect Personal Space

Illustration of a man with his coffee. His cat is sitting atop his head.

Let’s face it. Cats are not known for respecting personal space. Lately, our cat has been particularly neurotic when it comes to morning attention. It makes it hard to put on your thinking cap when the cat is atop your head. It makes me frantically look for a catnip mouse or a can of tuna as a distraction.

If your cat is keeping you from morning productivity, here are a few things you can do:

  • Try reverse psychology. I’ve noticed if you want to pet cats, they run away as if you’ve sprouted a second, evil head. If they think YOU want attention, they’ll sense they are no longer in control and run.
  • Stand up and walk. Cats are not keen on maintaining balance on moving objects.
  • Keep the coffee from the cat. The last thing you need is a neurotic AND a caffeinated cat.

Hang in there. This too shall pass!