A Clean, Janitor-Free Dream

Cartoon of two women having coffee. One says, "I have a dream. One day, our children's ministry will skip a whole day without calling for janitor backup."
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True story: I was a church janitor once. Actually, I was a teen church janitor for over two years. When your grandfather is the pastor and your father is the Maintenance Supervisor you get those kinds of perks. I have maintenance supervisor in italics because it was a small church, Dad was a volunteer and he had the job because no one else was available on a Saturday morning and Grandpa trusted him with the keys. (My brother and I must be the only church janitors in modern history that never had an impressive set of keys.) Continue reading “A Clean, Janitor-Free Dream”

A Year-Long Strategy for Parents of Elementary Kids | Sketch Notes

My day at The Orange Conference began with a great talk by Mike Clear (Twitter: @mclear). 

My big takeaway was to lead by being strategic and use the rhythms of the seasons to help parents and kids connect.

Sketch note page 1 on a year-long strategy for parents of elementary kids
Sketch note page 2 on a year-long strategy for parents of elementary kids
Sketch note page 3 on a year-long strategy for parents of elementary kids

Sketch Notes from The Orange Conference Coming Up

I am on my way to the 2017 Orange Conference. I have been there once before and I can’t wait to meet up with thousands of people that share my passion for children’s ministry.

For the next couple of days, I will be sharing my sketch notes from the conference. Here is a taste from the last conference I attended. These sketch notes were from a conference held by Amy Fenton Lee with theinclusivechurch.com.

Stay tuned for more sketch notes!


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Kevin Spear's Sketchnotes from 2014: Strategies to Win Every Child, by Amy Fenton Lee, Page 1

Volunteers and Fruit Hats

Cartoon of a man wearing a fruit hat. A woman says, "You make a fine volunteer. Only yo could wear the Fruit of the Spirit hat so well."Children’s ministry volunteers are called upon to wear unique costumes. I’ve dressed as a mad scientist, superhero and a construction barrel. Yes, a construction barrel. I had to get in touch with my inner highway barricade. Continue reading “Volunteers and Fruit Hats”

Why drawing a story can make a big difference in children’s ministry

Yesterday, I got to do something that has scared me and gives me a bit of a thrill every time I do it. I told the story of David, Nabal and Abigail as I drew it. Now if you ask me to draw a cartoon, I can oblige with a quick doodle. And if you ask me to tell a story, I can be rather quick with some details and a few exaggerations for effect. But I discovered a few years ago, telling a story while I talk can make for some drama within my head.

When I draw as I tell a story, I have to make my left side of my brain and the right side play well together. As I’m drawing, I have to remind myself to say a few words about that mean Nabal, and David’s angry soldiers. It’s a bit of a stretch.

And that’s why I do it. I want the kids to engage both sides of their mind when they hear the story.  I want the logical, left brain kids to get the facts. I want the creative, right brain kids to see the story come to life with a marker and paper. It’s a little low-tech, but not quite flannel graph. It’s a sweet spot for me.

I do it because I remember when an artist came to my church when I was a teen. He drew these beautiful scenes in chalk and had lighting effects that made the water appear to be moving. He made a sunset come to life. It lit up my imagination and made me see creative through the church in a different way.

My doodles aren’t anywhere near the work of art of that guy, but if I can help a child remember the story and maybe inspire him or her to tell it in their creative way, then I’ve done my job.

Besides, It’s fun flying without a net. It brings a little adventure to one’s day!