Thinking Cap

Cartoon of boy with a thinking cap

Cartoon of teacher and student. has strange cap. He says, “I’m all ready for Sunday school. I have my Bible and thinking cap.”

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VBS Gusto

Cartoon of a receptionist talking about vacation Bible schoolCartoon of an administrative professional and a pastor. The receptionist says, “Mrs. Thistlewaite wants to know if this year’s vacation Bible school will have gusto.”

Make sure it has moxie!

Sunday School Coach

Cartoon of a coach and teachers

Cartoon of  a teacher/coach and three teachers on a bench. The coach says, “Bowman! Go in for Stevens in the Preschool class!” Continue reading “Sunday School Coach”

Code Red!

Cartoon of check-in person, a mom and student

Cartoon of check-in person, mom and student. The check-in person says, “Let me see if Billy is in our database…Oh my! He’s a Code Red!” Continue reading “Code Red!”