Lights Please

Cartoon of a boy dressed as a shepherd. The boy says, “Augh! Why is it every year, in every live nativity, I have to play Linus?”

I love “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” It’s the kind of classic that never goes out of style. I drew this for K! Magazine in their Christmas Issue. We own the copyright.

Constructive Planning

Cartoon of a children’s pastor and an administrative assistant. The children’s pastor says, “Christmas is coming. Be sure we’re stocked up on red and green construction paper.”

I drew this for the December issue of K! Magazine. I hope you are stocked up on your red and green supplies!

Fishy Mascot

Cartoon of a teacher with a fish mascot.Cartoon of kids in a classroom. A teacher and a guy dressed as a fish are standing. The teacher says,”Mr. Myers is going to help me tell the story of Jonah.” Continue reading “Fishy Mascot”

Spiritual Mupp-mentoring

Cartoon of a man and a puppet

Cartoon of a guy and a puppet. The guy says, “It’s kind of embarrassing to admit my spiritual mentor is a puppet.”

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Thinking Cap

Cartoon of boy with a thinking cap

Cartoon of teacher and student. has strange cap. He says, “I’m all ready for Sunday school. I have my Bible and thinking cap.”

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