Foot in Mouth

Cartoon of a couple with a foot coffee table. The woman says, €”I don’€™t care if you are a podiatrist! We can’€™t have that in our living room!”

Open Book Dating

Cartoon of a couple at dinnerCartoon of a couple at dinner. A man is holding a picture book. He says, “My life is an open book for you. Check out the vibrant, full-color illustrations.” Continue reading “Open Book Dating”

Compounded Love Interest

Cartoon of a couple in loveCartoon of a couple in love. The husband says, “€œI’m pretty content with what we have even when indexed with the rate of inflation!” Continue reading “Compounded Love Interest”

Frying Pan to Beach

Cartoon of a man getting too much sunCartoon of a couple on a beach. The husband is lying in a frying pan. The wife says, “I’m warning you, Edgar. You’re getting too much sun.”