Digitized Ten Commandments

Cartoon of Moses and the Ten Commandments

“And it would be great if I can get this as a spreadsheet or word processor file.”

Are things any better with the immediacy of technology? Maybe not. Maybe it’s a wash. Digital files are more convenient and instant, but they can be deleted or corrupted in an instant.

Then again, Moses the original Ten Commandments were written in stone and Moses smashed them to pieces because of the Israelite’s idol worship.

Praise and Worship-py

Cartoon of a rock guitarist and guy in a tie. The guy with the tie says, “That was great, Spike. But can you make it a bit more worship-py?”

Update: 2013-Here’s a cartoon I drew about three years ago. A ministry in the Netherlands contacted me about using it, so I thought I’d show it again.

I hear the term “blended worship” batted around a lot and I like that approach. I like the old hymns, but I like the the guitars and drums too. And I can even welcome the bare footed, punk rock worshipper as well. I guess that’s how I roll… all over the place.

Cartoon: Good Friday

Cartoon of boy reading to a girl.

Cartoon of boy reading to girl. The boy says, “Wait! That’s the Friday part. Wait until you hear the Sunday part!”

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Meaning of Life

Cartoon of a guru chiding a mountain climber

Cartoon of a man inquiring of a guru. The guru says, “What do you mean you want to know the meaning of life? Haven’t you ever heard of a dictionary?”

Sometimes, life’s deepest questions have the most obvious answers. Maybe it isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but it’s there just the same.

The meaning of life has bugged people for years. A dictionary I picked up says life is, “The property of plants and animals that distinguishes them from inorganic matter.” That helps a lot!

I’ve discovered life has meaning when you love unselfishly and serve unashamedly. Selfishness just saps the life right out of a person!

Cartoon: Welcome bag

Cartoon of a man wishing he had gotten a welcome bag

Cartoon of a grumpy man talking to a woman with a welcome bag. He says, “I’ve been here sixty-four years, but I’ve never got a welcome bag.

We get so wrapped up in ourselves. Sometimes, instead of considering how to make someone new feel welcome, we think back to how we were treated when we were the new kid. If you never were the new kid, That can make it harder to get the newcomer goodies, can’t it?

If an organization is to grow, we need continue thinking about others than ourselves. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Go to a similar church or organization for a visit. See how they treat visitors. The nice thing about this exercise is you can learn tips whether they are a good example or not. Learn what it’s like to be a visitor.
  • Get the members of a church or organization to realize the growth of something they value depends on how welcomed a newcomer feels.
  • Carefully evaluate whether your organization is too welcoming or not welcoming enough. There is a fine line and it can depend on the personality of the newcomer. Some people want to be welcomed enthusiastically. Others want to be anonymous until they can come to you on their terms. Consider where that middle road is that make the most people feel welcomed.

I drew this for the March, 2013 Church of God e-newsletter.