Mothers Day and Determination

This morning at church, we will celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s the third highest attended Sunday in the year with Easter and Christmas in the top two positions. This Sunday, I will be helping kids get from their classes to big church so they can sing and warm their mother’s hearts. It should make for some moist eyes and wonderful photo opportunities.

Meanwhile, I will be teaching the elementary kids about determination. I like that because it reminds me of my mother. She has taught me determination and to keep going when things get hard. Continue reading “Mothers Day and Determination”

Easter Sketch Talk

Yesterday morning, I learned a valuable lesson about the church at Easter, technology and children’s ministry. On an Easter morning, it doesn’t matter how fast your Internet is. It probably won’t be able to handle the scores of people that are connected to your wifi. 

The first hour of children’s church, I drew the lesson on a whiteboard. The second hour, I was able to use my cell phone hotspot to draw the lesson on my iPad.

If you are presenting a lesson wirelessly, always have a backup plan. I am thankful a whiteboard easel was handy. I am also thankful my cell phone hotspot answered the call.

I drew these sketches in Air Sketch Pro

Here is the end result from my iPad. Happy Easter!

Sketch of Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The Triumphal Entry
© Copyright 2017 Kevin Spear
Sketch of Jesus before the Sanhedrin trial
© Copyright 2017 Kevin Spear
Jesus Before Pilate
© Copyright 2017 Kevin Spear
The empty tomb
© Copyright 2017 Kevin Spear
Sketch of the end of my presentation with the word, "Alive"
© Copyright 2017 Kevin Spear

Happy Easter Sunrise!

Cartoon of boy and mom with sunriseIt is 6:58 AM in Dayton, Ohio and the sun has officially risen! While I am not at a Sunrise service this morning, I am at church and helping my fabulous wife get ready for a busy day. My guess is there will be a few kids looking like the kid in my cartoon. It won’t matter whether they arrive at 8:00, 9:30 or the 11:00 AM service. Some kids just won’t be ready to face the day. Continue reading “Happy Easter Sunrise!”

Between Good Friday and Easter

Nobody talks about the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. Some Christians call it “Holy Saturday” or “The Great Sabbath.”

Really, it is a time of waiting. It is a moment between the agony of Friday and the joy of Easter morning. It’s simply a day of waiting. Nobody likes to wait. But it is essential in every worthy endeavor. 

So this Saturday, we wait. We wait knowing something good is about to happen. And that makes waiting worthwhile.

Lessons from a Good Friday

Daffodils around a mailbox with the caption, "Good Friday"That’s right! There’s no cartoon today. I saw this scene and thought it would be perfect for this day.

The joy of Easter wouldn’t mean much without the suffering and sacrifice of Good Friday. There would be no resurrection without death. One needs the other. Continue reading “Lessons from a Good Friday”