Loving your Neighbor the right way

Cartoon of a boy and a teacher. The boy says, "Every time I try to love my neighbor, I get hit with a restraining order!"

Alas, if you get slapped with a restraining order, you probably aren’t loving your neighbor the right way! Continue reading “Loving your Neighbor the right way”

Is Twitter the ultimate evangelism tool?

Cartoon of a church teacher and two girls. One girl says, "You mean we're supposed to go into all the world? We better start tweeting about it!"
©2013 Kevin Spear for “Kidzmatter Magazine”

It’s no wonder traditional media is struggling. When you compare how difficult it was to get a message out just thirty years ago compared to today, well no wonder publishers are scratching their heads! Continue reading “Is Twitter the ultimate evangelism tool?”

Do your kids struggle with memorizing something?

Cartoon of a boy with a mechanical thinking cap on his head


Cartoon of a boy with an industrial-looking cap on his head. He says to a a woman, “Thanks to my thinking cap, I’m going to win this year’s memory verse challenge!”

We are always looking for an easy way to do something. It’s usually the way innovation happens. We are always looking for ways to make something easier. We want to buy the latest gadget to make something in our lives easier.

Do your kids struggle with memorizing something like a Bible verse, the presidents of the United States or prepositions? Instead of finding a steampunk-inspired thinking cap, have your kids try these tips.

  • Get some index cards and have kids make their own flash cards. The very act to making the cards will help with memory. You can get creative and use images as well as words. This works with visual as well as kinetic learners. If a child speaks it while he or she writes it, it also helps auditory learners.
  • Kids can walk or use hand motions to help them memorize. It helps kids who learn kinetically to move as they learn. It also helps emphasize important passages.
  • Make a song out of it. Auditory learners may grasp something when it it put to music or a rap.
  • Be an example. Find something you want to memorize and try these techniques. You may find something that works for you also works with your child.

Even though we live in an age where we can search the Internet for a fact, memorization is still an important skill. Encourage kids to memorize facts and passages.

I drew this cartoon for Kidzmatter Magazine.

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Do the Water Slide

Cartoon of two boys and a teacher. One of the boys says, “We know what our summer project can be. We can start a water slide ministry.”

This cartoon is in the March/April, 2011 issue of K! Magazine. This issued focuses on summer and missions. They’re talking VBS, camps and all-around summer fun! It’s helping me warm up on a cold, March day.

Sunday School Coach

Cartoon of a coach and teachers

Cartoon of  a teacher/coach and three teachers on a bench. The coach says, “Bowman! Go in for Stevens in the Preschool class!” Continue reading “Sunday School Coach”