Praise and Worship-py

Cartoon of a rock guitarist and guy in a tie. The guy with the tie says, “That was great, Spike. But can you make it a bit more worship-py?”

Update: 2013-Here’s a cartoon I drew about three years ago. A ministry in the Netherlands contacted me about using it, so I thought I’d show it again.

I hear the term “blended worship” batted around a lot and I like that approach. I like the old hymns, but I like the the guitars and drums too. And I can even welcome the bare footed, punk rock worshipper as well. I guess that’s how I roll… all over the place.

Smelly Music

Cartoon of two choir members. One says, “We have to do something about these old, smelly choir robes. No matter how many times I wash mine, my dog still wants to roll around on it.”

Froggy Sang Bass

Cartoon of a man and giant frogCartoon of a man and giant frog. The man says, “Welcome to our choir. We needed a good, strong bass.”