Digitized Ten Commandments

Cartoon of Moses and the Ten Commandments

“And it would be great if I can get this as a spreadsheet or word processor file.”

Are things any better with the immediacy of technology? Maybe not. Maybe it’s a wash. Digital files are more convenient and instant, but they can be deleted or corrupted in an instant.

Then again, Moses the original Ten Commandments were written in stone and Moses smashed them to pieces because of the Israelite’s idol worship.

Pastoral Thanks

Cartoon of a boy and a pastor. The boy says, “For Pastor Appreciation Month, I’m going to thank you thirty-one days in a row.”

I drew this for the October, 2011 edition of Church of God Newsletter .

Cloud Computing




Cartoon of to angels in a cloud. One says, “Just when I thought I got away from PC’s, along comes cloud computing.”

I drew this for The Church of God E-Newsletter. This month’s edition is here: http://www.chog.org/chognews/CHOGnews-july11.htm

In the Tweet by and by

Cartoon of two men. An older man says, My grandson is on Twitter. Is that a spiritual problem?”

I drew this for the CHOGNews.

Groups on a Wire

Cartoon of  birds on a wire. One says, “I love these study groups!”

If there is any group that knows how to get together, it is a flock of birds. If they knew how to supply refreshments, they would be perfect at it!