Fair Weather, Frigid Friends

Cartoon of a boy and snowman. The boy says, "I am realizing you're the kind of friend that is here today, and gone tomorrow."Friendship is a complicated thing, especially when your friend is only around for a season. It can be hard when snowbird of a friend flies to Florida or Arizona. I have found myself in a role-reversal since my kids live in those states.

But distance shouldn’t separate friends like it once did, right? Technology and air travel makes it possible to bridge the gap that once seemed like a bottomless chasm. We can still have close friends that have moved far away. It’s also a good thing for our friends who enjoy the sub-zero temperatures like Mister Snowman.

Whether your friend is warm and bubbly, or cold and frigid, perhaps today is a good day to reach out and give them a call or text today.

New Bored Record

Cartoon of two boys watching TV. One boy says,”We’ve been on summer break for five minutes. I’m bored.”

I’ll get back to the tutorial soon, but I just had to add another cartoon to the mix. It’s just now summer break for kids in my area. I remember the days when I was bored out of my skull during the first few days of summer break. After all, there were only three or four channels to watch. We have more channels today, but the kids still have to suffer with nothing good to watch on TV. Come to think of if, when WAS there something good to watch of TV?

Icy Reverse

Cartoon of a man and his dog. They are trying to go up an icy hill, to no avail. I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “reverse.”

There’s been a lot of ice in Indiana lately. This week, I’ll be pleased if I merely slide in reverse instead of crashing onto my derriere.

Melting snowman

Illustration of a boy in a winter rain. He discovers the head of a melted snowman.

The other day, the rain was coming down hard and all the snow was melting. The snowmen were looking pretty pathetic. This idea came to mind. I drew this in Adobe Illustrator.

Winter portrait

Dad and son in front of their house. The dad has a snow shovel. This was for Illustration Friday. This weeks word is “winter.”

When I heard this week’s theme, it reminded me of a Christmas Eve years ago when a snow storm was coming. My son and I spent the afternoon preparing for it. There wasn’t any snow until that day and we had to take care of some of the autumn maintenance that I kept putting off. I remember it as a fun afternoon where my son was talking about all the books and TV shows he loved. He would recite story lines from his favorite shows and books. It was a great time to be together.

May you have a blessed Christmas.