Sketch: Taking the Bad Days with the Good

Sketch of a windy, cold day on April 6, 2017
Copyright 2017 Kevin Spear

Today was a day filled with blustery wind, ominous clouds, and spitting rain. Really! The rain felt like the world was spitting on me. I know a little about that. I went to middle school after all!

There are days that just seem they weren’t made for anyone. Then there are days that feel they were custom made for just me. We can persevere when we remember both kinds of days are coming. 

On this cold, windy day, I discovered how nice it was to sketch in the iPad Moleskine app. A miserable weather day became a nice discovery day. Now that’s a way to turn lemons into lemonade!

We all have our struggles

Sketch notes of a sermon by Kyle Idleman on troubles and self absorption

Yes, we all have our struggles. No one is immune. We like to think that isn’t so. And we certainly aren’t going to make a practice of putting a less than flattering side of ourselves on social media, are we?

I drew this sketch when I listened to Kyle Idleman talk about how self-absorbed we have become. I would have to agree. It is far easier to display my successes than to announce my blunders.

Do we do ourselves any favors when we put only our best foot forward on Facebook?  In a Photoshopped world, do we make progress when we take out the blemishes? After all, in this original file, I misspelled Kyle’s name. It took a little layer work and a re-save to correct my mistake. I thought that was a good thing, since I was talking about the guy, but where should I draw the line?

Yes, this whole social media gig can make a guy self-absorbed about covering his blemishes!

How to Take Captive Every Thought

notes on taking captive every thought

My wife and I have been reading a devotional from Mark Batterson called Draw the Circle.

I sketched my notes while she read. We took notice today about the verse in 2 Corinthians 10:5. We are surrounded by so many thoughts each day. When I’ve read this verse before, I thought about the thoughts of temptation. But Mark points out it could be all thoughts, including positive ones.

Just as we need to take captive the negative, we need to be sure those positive thoughts don’t get away either. That’s just one of the reasons I use a sketchbook. We need to grab those good thoughts before they disappear. Too many times, I thought of an idea I was sure I’d remember only to wrack my brain and wonder what it was.

I’d encourage everyone to write down those dreams and thoughts you want to remember make them captive on a page so you can go back to them.

How to have a happy career

Sketch of two guys. One has a wizard's hat


Sketch of two men. One has a wizard’s hat on. He says, “I’m going to stay into farming until the magic is gone.”

That’s good advice no matter what career you’re in. Whether it’s farming, banking, construction or widget making, keep the magic in whatever you do.

We can work to keep the magic in our career, especially if it’s something you had a passion for before. If we’re always learning, always finding a way to do something different and better in our career, the magic will still be there.

Our society is making it easy to keep the magic in our careers because we must change if we are going to stay in our industry. Technology and globalization requires it!

So what are you doing today to keep the magic in whatever you do?