Can you survive if your computer crashed?

cartoon of a monk saying, "It's amazing how backward I feel when my computer crashes."A guy dressed as a monk says, “It’s amazing how backward I feel when my computer crashes.

Have you ever though what would you do if your computer crashed and you lost everything? I love my computer but I also love having my sketchbook close by. I was horrified when I was away from pen and paper for a while and saw how atrocious my penmanship could become.

The other day, I thought about my scores of sketchbooks versus the thousands of files on my computer. Both are fragile. Paper burns and computers crash. But there is something about the sketchbooks that make it more likely they will last after I am gone. Paper is at least a little harder to dispose of than a computer’s memory.

Have YOU Experienced Keyboard Face?

Cartoon of a woman falling asleep on her computer keyboardCartoon of a guy observing a woman sleeping on her computer keyboard. He says, “Whoops! It looks like another case of Keyboard Face!

You can tell this cartoon is a little older by the shape of the monitor. Do you remember those heavy, computer monitors? They had those lead-lined cathode ray tubes (CRT‘s)? I don’t miss those one bit! Continue reading “Have YOU Experienced Keyboard Face?”

Real or Virtual Friends?

Cartoon of two women at a fast food restaurant. One says, “Level with me, Doris. Are you my real or virtual friend.”In this cartoon, two women are at a fast food restaurant, One says, “Level with me, Doris. Are you my real or virtual friend.”

I know. Social media is giving me a headache too. I use it for business, yet sometimes, all the tweets and posts get me down too. We know all of us, including me, share only the highlight reel. We aren’t going to talk about the mundane, the mild frustrations and the lost car keys.

I am glad I can keep in touch with family and friends through social media. But at the end of the day, it is the real, face to face encounters that strengthen real friendships. 


Simple Tips to Choosing and Remembering a Password

Sketch of a laptop saying to its user, "12345? You can do better than that!"

Passwords are the bane of every person that has to set up a new account. It can be frustrating to pick a good password, then sign in the site a few weeks later only to forget the password. But choosing a password such as 12345 or abcdefg isn’t a good idea either. I have found there are some ways to get over the password blues. Continue reading “Simple Tips to Choosing and Remembering a Password”

Franken-phones and Franken-apps

Frankenstein monster admires his monster smartphone

Since it’s October, my thoughts turn to spooky monsters like giant, Frankenstein smartphones and vampires like data-sucking and battery-sucking apps.

Beware of the little monsters lurking within your new smartphone. I have seen many a phone bring the zombie curse to their users as well. And only a spell would explain the crazy obsession selfies.

So to paraphrase James Whitcomb Riley’s old poem:  “The smartphone’s gonna getcha if ya don’t watch out!”