Devotoons: Tested by Praise

Yesterday, I posted a new Devotoon at my sister site. If you’re looking for a new cartoon, that’s the place to go. Here’s the link:

Making a Change

I have decided to change my blog posting focus. For the last two months, I have posted a daily cartoon on this site. While I have enjoyed that, I have decided to become more focused.

Now, I am concentrating my new comics at my other blog site. I will be posting three days a week to This site will have a cartoon with a devotional thought.

In the meantime, I’ll use this blog site. to post some of my work in progress and interesting tidbits about children’s publishing, book publishing and the comics industry.


Kevin Spear

Crock pot talk

We've had some friends over tonight. The topic of crock pots and advances in technology came up.Here's an inspired sketch.

Mike Lynch Cartoons: Too Many Sketchbooks

Mike Lynch has a great post about every cartoonist’s dilemma: how to make the sketchbook work.

Is one enough? Can you ever have too many? I like Mike’s approach. My tendency has been to have one sketchbook and then put everything in there. It works for me, but perhaps Mike has a better idea.

Illustration Friday: Fleeting/Spear_2136

Spear_2136, originally uploaded by speartoons.

Cartoon: Boy says to Dad, “I won’t talk about my day if you won’t talk about yours.”

One good thing about bad days is that they are fleeting. That works with Illustration Friday’s theme for this week!

It was a shock to me when I first discovered my kids could have bad days too. Thank heavens for family. Work can be tough, but if we just remember to build each other up at home it can be a refuge. I better get to working on that. You never know when the kids have had a bad day.

I drew this in Adobe Illustrator CS3.