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I am taking a Christmas break today. Here is an interesting article on maintaining productive writing habits. It is good advice no matter what kind of writing you do. 

It especially rings true for content writers, copywriters and writers at church.

5 Tips For Increasing Your Writing Productivity 

Beware of the toxic time triangle!

Toxic time triangle sketch

I am attending the Indiana Faith and Writing Conference this weekend in Anderson, Indiana. Yesterday, Doc Hensley of Taylor University spoke about the toxic time triangle. When you are pursuing a writing career, you have to balance all the necessary, good things like friends, family and health on one side, routine paying jobs on the other, and major career work like novels and writing for the stage on the third.

It is quite a challenge to take care of one end without causing the other two ends to suffer.

I’ve found this to be true. It’s amazing how no matter who we are, we have the same amount of time each day. Yet, some people are able to do so much more with it than others.

One suggestion of Doc Hensley’s was to eliminate time sappers by taking an audit of your time. He said you’d be amazed how much time you waste on a daily basis.

I’m looking forward to trying this and some of his  other time management suggestions in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it’s off to the rest of the writers conference!

Why I Stopped Posting Cartoons for a While

sketch of a boy before a classroom. He says, "The following is the best paper I've ever copied!"
Copyright © 2014 Kevin Spear

Why I Stopped Posting Cartoons for a While

Every one in a while, something happens that makes you step back, take a look at what you’re doing and analyze your actions. Such an event took place for me a few weeks ago.

For over fifteen years, I have had at least some form of a presence as a web page. When the company I worked for gave me the opportunity to try this new world-wide web, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to post my cartoons to the world. I had some success as a magazine cartoonist.

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Things rarely go according to plan

As I write this, it is late March, 2014. Spring has been with us for five days, but it doesn’t feel anything like spring in Indiana. Yesterday, it snowed. Let me tell you, friends, it’s been quite a winter for Hoosiers. Maybe you balk because you’re from Minnesota or Siberia. But We aren’t use to  extended  single-digit temperatures and relentless snow storms!

These beach figurines have been freezing all w...
These beach figurines have been freezing all winter. They’re ready for the thaw! #winter via speartoons

Things rarely go according to plan. We know what a typical winter is for the area we live in. But how many times do we see an “average winter?” Usually it’s above normal or below normal temperatures. When we have the average winter, we start to wonder if there is something wrong. Could it really be that perfect? Could it really be so average that it’s unusual? Continue reading “Things rarely go according to plan”

The Secret Guardian of the Front Porch

Cartoon of a man in a porch swing

Cartoon of a middle-age man sitting in a porch swing. He says to a woman, “Care to join me? I’m part of a secret group known as, ‘The Guardians of the Front Porch.'”

Frank had a crush on Edna for a lo-o-o-o-ong time! His adoration for her went all the way to the fourth grade. She was always with her friends on the playground. He would try to get her attention by pretending he didn’t notice her. Unfortunately, that worked too well. Edna didn’t notice Frank until eighth grade.

By that time, Frank was quite sensitive about his acne. He had one pimple that refused to leave until senior high. When they were both juniors, Frank almost asked Edna to the prom. Unfortunately, Percy, “The Rock,” Marbel also had the same idea.

Edna and Percy dated until they both split for college. Frank stayed home after graduation and worked at the local cardboard box factory. The one time Edna returned from college, Frank decided this was the day to meet up with her. Unfortunately, he was boxed in a tragic taping accident and shipped to Des Moines.

Thirty years later, Frank was fully recovered from the unfortunate boxing match. As he sat on his mother’s front porch, he spotted Edna walking downy he street. His lip quivered as he thought what would be the wittiest thing to say. He had just seen a television special on secret societies. What could be wittier than that? He called for Edna. She turned and smiled. She walked up to the porch. Now was Frank’s big chance…

This was part of the Write practice writing prompt entitled, “What is your Character’s Secret?