Prayer Requests

Here’s a post I made in 2006.

“Remember me in your prayers. When my dad finds out I stratched the car with my bike, I’ll need all the prayers I can get!”

You get all kinds of interesting prayer requests in a Sunday school class. I have a feeling I uttered a similar requests once. Though I don’t remember scratching Dad’s car, I did plenty of other things. I’m thankful Dad was gracious when I messed up. By the way, Happy birthday, Dad!

Author: Kevin Spear

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2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests”

  1. Dear Pastor,

    Pls agree with me in prayer for the tenants at 28 Todd pl to move before it gets warm outside. Also, pls agree that AggieH paper is done correctly.Also, pls agree that JackieG will be healthy. Pls agree that KarylG will be a better boss and PeggyH will mind her business and stop keeping up problems at work. Most importantly that I will get favor at work. That Petro America corp of KS will be a successful company,that the Government regulators will release the company so that it can trade on the stock market and Owen Hawkins will have favor in his business affairs.
    Pls agree with me for Jeffery Snyder and Valerie Warden to get decent paying jobs. Also, pls agree with me for Jeffery Snyders mom to recover from her fall. Also, pls agree that Mitch Hiller would stop making everyone miserable at work.

  2. Deborah, Thanks for the note. I am not a pastor, but will glad to remember your request in my prayers. Blessings to you and these tenants.

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