Cartoon: I Found a Volunteer!

Cartoon of a male teacher with a chokehold on another man

Cartoon of a man with a chokehold on another. The man says, “I found someone to help me with the fourth graders.”

I love it when someone finds a new volunteer. You can smell the anxiety as they wonder if the children will eat them alive. Relax! That never happens… at least it never literally happens.

I remember feeling that anxiety. Today I realize it wasn’t as much about the kids than it was about trying something new. Yes, I felt awkward and unprepared when I began teaching in Sunday school. But today, I see stepping out of my comfort zone was worth it. Are you afraid of trying something new that will stretch you? Accept the uncomfortable feelings and do it anyway. You’ll be glad you did.

I drew this cartoon for K! Magazine.

Author: Kevin Spear

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