A Clean, Janitor-Free Dream

Cartoon of two women having coffee. One says, "I have a dream. One day, our children's ministry will skip a whole day without calling for janitor backup."
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True story: I was a church janitor once. Actually, I was a teen church janitor for over two years. When your grandfather is the pastor and your father is the Maintenance Supervisor you get those kinds of perks. I have maintenance supervisor in italics because it was a small church, Dad was a volunteer and he had the job because no one else was available on a Saturday morning and Grandpa trusted him with the keys. (My brother and I must be the only church janitors in modern history that never had an impressive set of keys.)

My fear was one Sunday, there would be a janitor emergency and it would force me to be called into action. Thankfully, that didn’t happen since the children’s ministry consisted of my two sisters and a half dozen others. 

I have seen janitors answer the call when things go awry in children’s ministry and I am thankful when they come and clean up the messes. They are the unsung heroes of children’s ministry. In return for my gratitude, I will try to have fewer children’s activities that involve confetti, whipped cream or water cannons. Thank you, janitors!

I drew this for Kidzmatter Magazine.

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