Children’s Ministry and Church Signs

Church sign that says, "New Playground! Kids Welcomed!"My wife and I saw a sign like this as we drove by a country church. Since she is in children’s ministry, it caught our eye. While we were glad the church was making an effort to attract kids, we agreed a new playground just wouldn’t cut it.

Too often, organizations and businesses focus on features instead of benefits. A new playground may be shiny and attractive, but what is going to keep the kids coming in the winter? What happens when someone else has a newer, shinier playground?

Benefits are much more effective. How can a child change by going to church?

  • Maybe they will learn love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control.
  • Perhaps he or she can find hope during a dark time in their lives.
  • Maybe it can bring healing and wholeness to the child’s family.

Of course, these kinds of benefits are much harder to put on a church sign. If the benefits are there, perhaps it’s okay to tout the new playground once in a while.

Author: Kevin Spear

I am a marketing professional with a design flair, based in Clayton, Ohio. I specialize in digital and content marketing that increases brand awareness for small businesses and nonprofits.