First Church Lighting Complaint Line

Cartoon of a man waiting at t phone. The captions says, Welcome to the First Church Sound and Lighting Complaint Line. If you use a hearing aid, turned it all the way up, and are complaining the sound was too loud, please press “1.”I once served on a Board of Worship Arts Committee. One time, the worship pastor said, “We had a good Sunday. The number of complaints that the sound was too low equaled the number that said it was too loud.

I learned a valuable lesson that evening. It really is impossible to please everybody. In many situations, if you please one group, another will become disgruntled. I also learned sound systems are tricky. He had us sit in different areas of the sanctuary during a Sunday service. It really was too quiet in some areas and too loud in others.

I discovered before I make a snap decision whether someone is right or wrong, I need to get all the facts. Perhaps both groups are right.

Author: Kevin Spear

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