Why my Dad is the best dad


You may disagree with me. In fact, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since I probably haven’t met your dad. However, I believe my dad is the best dad I could have ever had. Here is why I believe that:

  1. He is a man of integrity. He says what he means and commits to all products he says yes to.
  2. He is a man of quiet strength. Yet he has always spoken when he has needed to.
  3. He is an example of a loving husband and dad. Through his example, I was taught each day how to be those things.

On this Father’s Day, I want to give a big thank you to Edgar Spear. You’re still the number one dad in my book!

Author: Kevin Spear

I am a marketing professional with a design flair, based in Clayton, Ohio. I specialize in digital and content marketing that increases brand awareness for small businesses and nonprofits.

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