2/11/16 – DISCovering Your Unique Value – Career Connectors

Cartoon of a woman saying to a man, “Your DISC Assessment came back. Your so unique, your classified as a square.”

On February 11, 2016, I blogged for the Scottsdale Career Connectors event. Sandi Ashton (with Optimizing Excellence) spoke on using your DISC assessment personality profile can help you in a job search and your personal life.

Understanding yourself is critical, both professionally and personally. [Sandi] gave an example of when she and her husband were going through a stressful time. Their personality and communication styles are different. It wasn’t until they both took the DISC test and acknowledged their differences that the problem was solved. […]

Source: 2/11/16 – DISCovering Your Unique Value – Career Connectors

It’s a good reminder that while it’s good to follow the Golden Rule, not everyone wants to be treated in the same way. Love, kindness, and consideration will always win the day. However, everyone is unique and how we show that kindness may differ from person to person.

Author: Kevin Spear

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