Dog Food and Salad Dressing Bottles

Cartoon of a guy embarrassed because he buried his dog in dog food. The caption says,

Here is a cartoon of a guy with an empty dog food bag and a dog smothered in dog food. The caption says, “It wasn’t much of a surprise. Eric had the same problem with salad dressing bottles.”

When I drew this, I didn’t have a pet. My fear of accidentally hurting the poor creature was at the top of my phobias.

Two kids and a half a dozen pets  over the years made me face my fears. Everyone fared well. That is, unless you were an aquarium fish. I really did try, but I probably buried those guys in fish food.

Texting isn’t a Multi-tasking activity

Even super heroes need to keep from texting while flying. Besides, the sun makes it impossible to see the screen, even if you have X-Ray vision.

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How a book can give wisdom

Cartoon of a dad and a boy with a broken window

Cartoon of a boy with a baseball bat and a broken window. An angry dad says, “That was NOT a wise choice, young man! Go inside and read Proverbs!”

I drew this old cartoon when I was thinking how I would need to discipline my newborn son. I believe he had to go to his rooms a few times, though I don’t remember if I specifically told him to read out of Proverbs!

When it comes to books in the Bible, Proverbs is unique.  There are no stories. It is a book of wise sayings that will keep you from big trouble if you follow its advice.

But reading Proverbs or any book does little good if you don’t put it into practice.  I have read many a book with great advice that I have never put into practice. The danger in that is you can feel you have accomplished something without really doing it. It’s all the satisfaction without the hard work!

My goal today is to actually put into practice what I’ve read today. Now where is that Bible?

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Camp Watchdalake

Cartoon of two boys at camp. One has a flashlight. The other is wet. The one with the flashlight says, “Oh well. It’s not camp until somebody falls into the lake.”

Playground Safety

Cartoon of mom and son on a playgroundCartoon of a mom and son on a playground. The mom says, “Playground accidents are common. So even if no one else does, you’re wearing the helmet!”

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