Going With the System Can Only Take You so Far

It’s a good day to get out of your comfort zone.

Cartoon of a weather forecaster. He says, "Looks like it'll be a great day to get out of your comfort zone!"I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort zones since I left everything I knew in Indiana and moved across the country to Arizona. The Spear family has had many opportunities this year to get out of their comfort zones.

And that’s a good thing. Like this Lifehacker post about the science of breaking out of your comfort zone shows, amazing results happen when you disrupt your routine and break out of your comfort zone. Continue reading “It’s a good day to get out of your comfort zone.”

Achievable Goals

Cartoon of boy holding a frisbee

Cartoon of a boy holding a frisbee. The boy says, “They say start with achievable goals. Today, my goal is to catch this Frisbee®.”

The funny thing about goals is they can motivate you to get moving. But if you aren’t motivated, it’s hard to set goals. If you are down in the dumps, it can be easy to moan, “What’s the point?”

If you find yourself in this predicament, I’ve found that setting small goals can help get the momentum back in your favor. And yes, they can be a silly as catching a Frisbee® if that is important to you (and I find that to be an especially good goal if you can catch it behind your back or between your legs).

Often, I can get overwhelmed if I try to reach an unreachable, lofty  goal. If you find yourself in such a situation, break that big goal into little, reachable goals. Each positive step you take can get you moving in the right direction.