Plague of Frogs Coloring Page

coloring page of frogs

Here is a coloring page for you. It is based on the Plague of Frogs in Exodus 8.

Click on the image to download a pdf of this file. Feel free to use this for classroom and ministry use.

Samson Coloring Page

Thumbnail of Samson coloring page

Here is a coloring page free for noncommercial education and religious use. Click on the image and you can view, download and print a full-sized version of this coloring page. It is an Acrobat pdf file. Enjoy!

Coloring Page: Moses and the Burning Bush

Coloring page of Moses and the Burning Bush. The story is in Exodus, chapter 3

Coloring page of Moses and the Burning Bush. The story is in Exodus, chapter 3. This links to an Acrobat pdf file and is free for noncommercial use. Enjoy!

Jesus in the temple picture activity

Picture activity for Warner Press' itty-bitty Easter book

 I just finished this activity for Warner Press. The one thing that made this activity stand out for me was this was the first time in quite a while I drew the whole thing directly in Adobe Photoshop. The sketch didn’t exist on paper until I printed it out the first time.

That is not generally how I work. Usually, I’ll make the sketch within my sketchbook and then scan it. This time, I decided to give myself the challenge of going directly to the software.

I rendered the background art and bike in Adobe Illustrator. For items that require a straight line, that’s where I go. I laugh when someone sees me draw and say, “I’d like to be an artist, but I can’t draw a straight line.” Join the club! No one I know of draws straight lines without using a mechanical device or the computer.

Since these are pocket books, the art is tiny. That’s another reason why I drew the details in Illustrator, i couldn’t get the detail in the bike or elevator buttons without creating it in Illustrator then pasting the file in Photoshop. When it comes to drawing, the two programs work like a charm.

This art is the property of Warner Press, which is why I added the copyright. Use is prohibited without permission from the publisher. They’re at

Locusts for Lunch

This is an activity book cover I did for Warner Press entitled, Locusts for Lunch. This book holds a little place in my heart because it was one of the first I wrote, illustrated and designed. It was fun planning the word and graphic activities as well as telling the story.

I thought this title would be perfect for this week’s Illustration Friday word. The word is “swarm.”