Five reasons why kids need Saint Valentine’s Day

Cartoon of a boy holding a valentine and a jaded girl

Cartoon of a boy holding a poster with a heart on it and a jaded girl. The girl says, “Do you realize that heart isn’t anatomically correct?”

Saint Valentine’s Day can arouse some negative emotions, especially when people feel pressured to impress their loved one with extravagant gifts.

But if we treat Valentine’s Day right, it’s a great opportunity for kids to see love in action. Here are five reasons why kids need Valentine’s Day.

  1. Kids need to see love is far more than the physical attraction popular culture tries to make it out to be. Valentine’s Day may focus on the romantic side of love. But it can also be an opportunity to show selfless love (agapé), family/affection love (storge) or brotherly/friendship love (philia)
  2. Kids need to receive a note of encouragement. We all need to hear something positive about ourselves once in a while
  3. It’s an opportunity for kids to hear why love is so great (and challenging). Take the time to read 1 Corinthians 13 with your child.
  4. Kids need to see that love is more than a feeling but is  action.  We can love even the unlovely, the grumpy and those family members that get on our nerves!
  5. And kids need lots of candy hearts. Come on! Who doesn’t need candy hearts with corny sayings on them?

Valentine’s Day is a great reminder that love goes far beyond physical attraction and getting our selfish needs met. After all, when it comes down to it, we all need faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love.



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Why students hate the balanced calendar

Cartoon of two boys waiting at a bus stop. One is wearing swim trunks, a backpack and flip-flops. He says, "If they're going to make me go to school in the summer, I'm going to dress like it's still summer." Cartoon of two boys waiting at a bus stop. One is wearing swim trunks, a backpack and flip-flops. He says, “If they’re going to make me go to school in the summer, I’m going to dress like it’s still summer.”

Once upon a time in Indiana, kids didn’t go back to school until after the Labor Day weekend. But today, as of August 1, 2013, some school systems are already in session.

I don’t know if the “balanced calendar” will help students raise their grades. But I do know for many, it has sure raised their ire!

How to run from your troubles

cartoon of a guy running. The captions says, "i don't run so I can run away from my troubles."


Whenever you’re going through some troubling times, and who doesn’t, it helps to get some exercise.

This morning, it was very warm. the humidity made things steamy at six in the morning. But a good run helped me clear my head and feel better than I had in several days.

If you’re physically able to do it, I’d encourage you to take a walk or a run. When you get your body moving, it helps get the brain unstuck as well.

It’s good to admit when you are wrong

Cartoon of a couple adrift in a lifeboat

Cartoon of a couple on a lifeboat. The husband says, “Okay! So you were right! The discount cruises aren’t as fun as they make them out to be.”