Desert Desserts

Cartoon of two children with a strange dessertCartoon of two kids staring at a strange desert. A girl says, “I can never remember if it’s ‘dessert’ or ‘desert.’ At least this way, we’re covered.”

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “dessert.”

Falling Star Hazard

Cartoon of two boys staring at a starCartoon of two boys staring at a star that is embedded in the ground. One says, “€œI heard that last night, we had falling stars.”

Froggie Kiss

Cartoon of a princess and a frog prince. The frog says, “€œSure I said if you’€™d kiss me I’d turn into a prince. But I didn’€™t say I’€™d be a human prince!”

Well-rounded Student

Cartoon of a teacher and a circle-shaped characterCartoon of a woman and a circle-shaped character. The character says, “€œThank you , Teacher. You’€™ve made me a well-rounded individual.”

Zoned-Out Parking

Cartoon of a boy and a space alienCartoon of a boy and a space alien in a flying saucer. The alien says, “How much do you charge to park in your back yard?”