Churches, Agriculture and Social Media

Since I’ve moved back to the Midwest, I’ve noticed some common themes. When I’ve talked to pastors and church members, they see a need to effectively use social media. True, print is still the dominant theme. Yet, the also see more and more people consuming social media. They see the Millennials almost exclusively on their phone and not bothering to pick up a church bulletin. Continue reading “Churches, Agriculture and Social Media”

High Bird

Cartoon of a dad and daughter. They are staring at a bird with very long legs. The dad says, “€œThat is the strangest hybrid I’€™ve ever seen.”€

I thought this cartoon would go great with Illustration Friday’s theme. This week’s word is “afterwards.” When I originally though of this idea, I thought of genetically modified animals. I wondered what would happen when the critters would take strange forms afterwards. They would make strange hybrids indeed.

Chicken Terrorists

Cartoon of two chickensCartoon of two chickens. One laid an egg. The other says, “Careful! If that egg contains salmonella, you could be labeled a terrorist.”