Background Checks and Halos

Cartoon of a woman talking to a man with a halo. She says, "It's very nice. I still have to run all volunteers through background checks."
Copyright ©2015 Kevin H. Spear

If you are running any nonprofit or children’s program, it is imperative you run background checks on everyone.

I have heard too many stories where children were abused because everyone assumed a volunteer was trustworthy. When it comes to a child’s safety, never assume! Continue reading “Background Checks and Halos”

Angelic Transportation

Cartoon of of an angel waiting at a bus stop.

Sometimes, I wish I had angel wings. They would come in handy when I’m stuck in traffic or I have to wait on a train.

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is, “transportation.”

Do Not Disturb

Cartoon of  a church receptionist and an angel. The receptionist says, “Even if you are Gabriel, Pastor Dave is busy.”

Webcomic: All Saints Day

Cartoon of an angel and vampire. Angel says, “Halloween is over, Bub. It’s All Saints Day. Beat it!”

All the spooks and sweets are over. It’s time to count the loot and bring out the saints again. Only fifty-five days until Christmas. It will take that long to get the saints in order.

I drew this comic in Adobe Illustrator CS2