Illustration Friday: The Zoo

I drew this sketch last year when I took my kids and nephew to the zoo. This sketch was a keepsake for my nephew. He loves baseball and we had a good time at the zoo. What do you get when you combine those two things? Presto!

Illustration Friday: Superstition

Rumor has it that turkeys have a superstition about pumpkin pie. If they eat in on the dawn of All Saints Day, they will have good luck and avoid the fate of other Tom’s on Thanksgiving. How do I know this? A little birdie told me.

Illustration Friday: Scale

As I was uploading this file, something occurred to me. I hope the scales of justice take care of the San Francisco Bay oil spill. When I heard the news reports on how theheavy bunker oil is killing the wildlife, it just makes me sick. Well, so much for a humorous approach!

Birdhouse plus church equals Birchhouse

Cartoon of birdhouse and birdhouse-church

Cartoon of a birdhouse and a birdhouse-church.

When I was a kid, my neighbors had a “condo” birdhouse. I watched that thing closely. I wondered if birds actually used it, and if so, did they play nice?

As hard as a tried, I never saw any birds go in to the house. Maybe they needed their privacy and waited until the nosy kid left the backyard.

That got me wondering what a whole birdhouse community would look like. Here’s the start of one right now.