Foot in Mouth

Cartoon of a couple with a foot coffee table. The woman says, €”I don’€™t care if you are a podiatrist! We can’€™t have that in our living room!”

Reach for the Stars

Cartoon of a girl hanging onto a starCartoon of a girl holding on to a star. She says, “€œSee? What did I tell you? The sky€™’s the limit!”

The Rights of Movies

Cartoon of a boy and grandfather

Cartoon of a boy and grandfather on a couch. The boy says, “That’s a great story, grandpa. Have you sold the movie rights?”

Star Gazing Responsibly

Cartoon of a father and son gazing at the starsCartoon of a dad and son. They are gazing at the stars. The boy says, “Look at all those lights in the sky! Who gets the electric bill?”

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