Cartoon: Different Kind of Shepherd

Cartoon of a flock of sheep

Cartoon of Sheep are in a pasture. One says to another, “Don’t get me wrong! I love our shepherd. It’s just that I prefer a different style of herding.”

Leadership can be tough when nobody wants to be a follower. It’s even harder when everyone in the group is about aggressive as a sheep, yet refuse to be led. I’ve seen a few pastors face this situation. You have to beware of sheep with fangs!

I originally sold this to Leadership Journal.

Cartoon: Bird on a Roof

Cartoon of a bird nesting on a pastor's headCartoon of a pastor with a bird on his head. The pastor says, “Some of you may have noticed the roof needs fixed.”

I drew this for the February, 2013, Church of God e-newsletter.

Cartoon: Communication Quack

Cartoon of a duck couple

Cartoon of two ducks. One says to the other, “All you ever say is, ‘Quack, quack, quack!’ You call that communication?”

Communication is harder than it sounds, but it’s easier than it looks. Body language can say a lot about the person, can’t it? Judging by the look of the duck on the right, he’s communicating very clearly that he’s not taking advice gracefully.

Birds of a Feather

Amazingly enough, Karl, Ken and Kevin always came up with the same ideas.


I’ve been working on getting an MBA. You may ask, “You? An illustrator and designer?” Yes. One day I woke up and realized if I was going to be successful in business, I should know a little more about it.

In my organizational behavior class, we’ve been talking about groupthink. It brought to me reminders of George Orwell and “1984.” Groupthink is when people within a business legitimizes their decisions because everyone wants to get along and think the same way. A company thinks their decisions are fool-proof, only to realize later they were actually foolish.

I thought of a flock of birds all chirping in harmony. Sure, it sounds pretty, but once in a while, shouldn’t one of the birds pipe up and say, “Wait a minute! Is this the best tune for this occasion?”

Creativity can suffer under groupthink. We’re all victims of it. It’s hard to see a book without paper pages. It can be difficult for a business used to printing paper books to try electronic publishing. Publishers can cringe whenever an author embraces self-publishing and questions the old model’s legitimacy. Yet, technology marches on and is challenging groupthink in some rough ways.

What are some ways you escape groupthink? How can you challenge the status quo today?

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page

Thumbnail for Turkey coloring pageThanksgiving is just around the corner in the United States, and that means turkey with stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and… well, I’m getting hungry!

While you’re waiting for that turkey to get done, you can color this free page of Tom Turkey smiling for everyone. This guy has no idea he could be dinner. And that’s okay! Cartoon turkeys rarely become someone’s meal. They’re too rubbery!

Click on the image to download an Acrobat file.