Small Aggression

Cartoon of boy and a growling dog. The boy says, “You can act ferocious all you want, but you still weigh ten pounds.”

My family has a dog like this. It seems the smaller the dog, the larger the attitude.

Beneath the Tree

Cartoon of a dog and a treed cat. The dog says, “Come down! All I want to do is talk about taking a bite out of crime.”

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “Beneath.”

Cat Proverb

Cartoon of two cats

Cartoon of  two cats. One says, “Don’t let our owners bother you. They have no idea how hard we have to work at being lazy.”

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Chicken Terrorists

Cartoon of two chickensCartoon of two chickens. One laid an egg. The other says, “Careful! If that egg contains salmonella, you could be labeled a terrorist.”