How do you keep change relevant?

Cartoon of two men staring a a church steeple with a windmill attached. One says, "It may be more 'green,' but I prefer the older steeple."
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Often, churches and church people get a reputation for being resistant to change. “Worship Wars” continue as those who love traditional hymns duke it out with lovers of contemporary styles of worship. Changing an old chair in the lobby can be controversial if it was dedicated in memory of a dearly departed saint during the Eisenhower Administration. Adding a little fresh paint and new carpet to a classroom can cause consternation along with a little weeping and gnashing of teeth. Continue reading “How do you keep change relevant?”

Impressive Misquote

Cartoon of a guy misquoting from The Bible

Cartoon of two debating men. One says, “Impressive quote. But that isn’t in the Bible. It’s from Benjamin Franklin.”

Why do we like to debate? What is it about a comment here or there that makes me want to get in the last word? Sometimes, when I am making the case about something, I wonder if what I said was really from the source I thought it was. But nobody wants the facts to get in the way of a good argument, do they?

Yesterday, I got into a Twitter argument with a guy pretending to be a nineteenth century preacher. How silly is that?  He’s making accusations as if he is the reincarnation of this evangelist, and I took him seriously. Sometimes my blood boils about the silliest things.

So keep your head out there! Don’t misquote from the Bible and certainly don’t argue with long-dead saints. It’s just not worth it.

I drew this for the March, 2014 Church of God e-newsletter.

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Cartoon: She Loves Chocolates

Cartoon of someone throwing Valentine chocolates at a man

Cartoon of a man talking to another while a box of Valentine chocolates hurls towards them. The man says, “When she sees my Valentine gift to her, she’ll forget our fight. She can’t resist chocolate!”

I can’t recall this actually happening to me, though I probably deserved it more than once. I am thankful for my valentine of twenty-six years. I promise not to start a fight today, or in the near future… if I can help it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Open Opinions

Cartoon of two girls

Cartoon of two girls. One says, “I am open to any opinions that agree with mine.”