Turning of the Seasons

King Solomon, in Ecclesiastes wrote, “There is a time and a season for everything.” The seasons are turning in Ohio and Indiana. And I am fine with that. 

Last year, we missed autumn because we were in Arizona. My wife and I tried to get used to drinking pumpkin spiced concoctions in one hundred degree heat. We never could quite get used to it. This autumn feels normal again. The frost is on the pumpkin and the fodder’s in the shock. (Thank you, James Whitcomb Riley)

What does all this mean on an autumn Saturday? Only that things change. Life changes continually, and I love it. Now, ask me again in a few months when the snow is falling, the temperature plummets and I start complaining about selling my snow blower!

Scarecrow Coloring Page


The other night, A full September moon lit up the night sky. I love it when the moon is so bright it casts clear shadows! That made me want to draw a coloring page for you. Continue reading “Scarecrow Coloring Page”

Autumn in the spring activity (in progress)

Puzzle_pg3_psd___71_8___Color_Fill_1__RGB_8___I’ve been working on an activity book lately. In this activity, the student finds and circles the activities that AREN’T spring activities. Though truth be told, I’ve seen a snowman in the spring time. He was mushy and didn’t look very happy, but those around him were more than happy he was dissolving into a puddle.

I am illustrating this activity for Warner Press. This book will come out January, 2015.

As I am writing this, it is autumn in my neck of the woods. What are your favorite autumn activities?


Coloring page- Pumpkin and Mouse

Coloring page of a pumpkin and mouse

It’s autumn around here. The leaves are turning and soon the kids will be flocking to apple orchards and pumpkin farms.

Here’s a little coloring page for your classroom or for home. The mouse has a little pumpkin all for himself. But watch out for him. He likes corn too!

Click on the image to download a larger version of this coloring page.

Bonfire with Friends

Cartoon of two mice at a bonfire and a cat. A mouse says, “Nothing like a bonfire with friends, is there?”

The thing I like about bonfires in autumn is the mysterious, spooky feeling. I can see what’s going on around the bonfire, but what’s lurking out there beyond the warm glow? Only The Shadow knows. Wait! That’s “What evil lurks within the hearts of men.” Sounds like Halloween to me.

I drew this in Adobe Illustrator CS2