New Cartoon: When the Important Becomes Urgent

cartoon of a pastor in a pulpit, looking at a bird in a nest. The pastor says, "I propose we fix the roof!"

I’ve been around church buildings long enough to know there is always something to be fixed. There is always a roof to be fixed or a boiler to be maintained. There are always potholes in the parking lot or an unsightly stain in the fellowship hall. How did that stain get way up there anyway?

Those things are important for the life of a church. I heard the story about a church that had plenty of money in reserve but feared using any of it to maintain the church. A board member was shocked when he learned passerby’s thought the church was abandoned. I wonder if they had a nest on the pulpit?

I drew this for the November 2016 Church of God Ministries e-newsletter.

Bird and Cone Head Inked outline

inked in illustration for a bird and cone head at a bus stop 

I’ve decided to pursue this illustration and see where it ends up. The boy looks like he’s lonely in spite of the characters at his bus stop. Maybe if I finish the illustration, he’ll be ready for the school bus.

Birds of a Feather

Amazingly enough, Karl, Ken and Kevin always came up with the same ideas.


I’ve been working on getting an MBA. You may ask, “You? An illustrator and designer?” Yes. One day I woke up and realized if I was going to be successful in business, I should know a little more about it.

In my organizational behavior class, we’ve been talking about groupthink. It brought to me reminders of George Orwell and “1984.” Groupthink is when people within a business legitimizes their decisions because everyone wants to get along and think the same way. A company thinks their decisions are fool-proof, only to realize later they were actually foolish.

I thought of a flock of birds all chirping in harmony. Sure, it sounds pretty, but once in a while, shouldn’t one of the birds pipe up and say, “Wait a minute! Is this the best tune for this occasion?”

Creativity can suffer under groupthink. We’re all victims of it. It’s hard to see a book without paper pages. It can be difficult for a business used to printing paper books to try electronic publishing. Publishers can cringe whenever an author embraces self-publishing and questions the old model’s legitimacy. Yet, technology marches on and is challenging groupthink in some rough ways.

What are some ways you escape groupthink? How can you challenge the status quo today?

A Duck’s Dream

Cartoon of two ducks. One says, “Why can’t you support my dream of moving to the desert?”

Happy birthday to a lady who has put up with my crazy dreams over the years. Don’t worry, Honey, we’re not moving to the desert.

Weird Easter

Cartoon of two birds staring at an Easter egg. One says, “Just when the story couldn’t get any weirder, they claim an Easter bunny brought it.”

One of my most memorable Easter memories was the day we found the missing Easter egg. The Easter that spring was a wet one. Mom decided we would have the Easter egg hunt in the house. She carefully hid her real, hard-boiled Easter eggs around the house. I was too old for the search, so I watched my little sisters scurry all over the house in search of the prizes.

About six months later, it was another cold, wet day. I was assigned the task to retrieve our collie dog from behind the couch so she could take care of outdoor business. As I reached back to retrieve the reluctant pooch, I felt something cold, yet hard. At first, I was relieved it wasn’t the open snout of our dog. Then I felt queasy. I found the last Easter egg.

Too bad I didn’t keep my mouth shut. It would have come in quite handy for the upcoming Halloween season.