Creativity Can Get Noisy

Cartoon of two girls looking at two boisterous boys. One girl says, "When it comes to boys, it isn't creativity until they make some rude noises."
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Creativity can come unexpectedly and in some amazing varieties. Sometimes, it takes some cutting up and a little obnoxious behavior to get the creative juices flowing. 

When I saw my three-year-old niece the other day, she was expressing some “noisy boy” creativity in the form of some rude noises. Perhaps rude noises aren’t limited by gender anymore. And it may do us good to act as carefree as a preschooler or preteen friends when it comes to creativity. May we all have a chance to express a little creativity with some friends today.

I drew this for Kidzmatter Magazine.

How to gross out the girls

Cartoon of two girls staring at a muddy boy

Cartoon of two girls staring at a muddy boy. One girl says, “If clothes make the man, then gross must make the boy!”

There is a mudathalon going on not too far from me. It would be a boy’s dream to compete in that. It makes me want to head out to a pig sty right now!