Black Friday Anxiety

Cartoon of two women walking. One woman says, “Have you ever tried not to covet when you’re a the mall? It gave me an anxiety attack.”

It’s Black Friday in the United States. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year. I will once again, make a vow to stay away from the mess. My wife had me got out on Black Friday once. She saw an ad for a TV. The problem was the store opened at six in the morning and she told me this at ten. When I arrived at the store, it looked like the aftermath of war. A store clerk laughed at me when I asked they had any more of the TV sets. I’m never going out there on that day again!

Guaranteed Loot

Cartoon of a boy at a cash register. He is holding a costume. He asks, “Is this Halloween costume guaranteed to get me the most loot?”

As you prepare for Halloween, just remember, the costume makes the ghoul.

Making Lemonade

Cartoon of a boy at a lemonade stand and a girl.

Cartoon of a boy at a lemonade stand and a girl. The girl says, “How’s your customer service?”

Immovable Real Estate

Cartoon of a couple staring at a huge idolCartoon of a couple with a sold sign and a huge idol. The man asks the woman, “€œDo you recall the previous owners mentioning this was in the back yard?”

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Dryads and Paper Tigers

Cartoon of a tree in a receptionist's officeCartoon of a tree in a receptionist’s office. The receptionist says, “Someone is here to discuss our paper usage.”€