Two Days Until my First Marathon: responding and planning

Cat in a car, staring at the viewer. The caption says, "2 days until the marathon. Let's go!I went out for my last run before the marathon this morning. And who was there to greet me? Our cat got herself stuck in the car. As she stared at me, I imagined her trying to get in the car on the morning of the race. It’s going to be an early morning, and she will probably be the only person up beside me. She may be up for the trip, but I doubt I could have her go the whole 26.2.

After I let her out and I went on my run, I pondered how social media marketing requires two very different modes of behavior. Sometimes, you have to be like a cat. Other times, you need to plan like a long distance runner. Continue reading “Two Days Until my First Marathon: responding and planning”

Why kids love pets

Cartoon of two girls looking at a hamster. One girl says, “This is my new hamster. She’s so neat, I notified all the news networks, Internet news sites and Grandma!”

It took a long time for me to allow a pet into our family. In fairness, we tried to own a dog once before and it went wrong quickly. We weren’t prepared, the kids were too young and we went on the first dog our son fell in love with.

The next pet came to our doorstep three years later. The kitten knew which house had the daughter in love with cats. He ended being one of the best cats I ever saw (once we learned how to keep him from destroying our Christmas tree!).

Why do kids love pets so much?

  • When they feel cared for, kids like to return the favor.
  • They want to be responsible. Everyone wants to feel like they can be depended on.
  • We all feel an attachment to nature. Even city dwellers like to know there is a wild, natural world out there.
  • We all want a companion

If you feel like it is time to own a pet, learn from our mistake and do your research first. I nearly kept my kids from a great experience because I wasn’t prepared the first time. Now we have a dog and a cat. And what do you know? Over the years, those two pets have taught everyone about conflict resolution. Dogs and cats can live in harmony!

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Cat with Gravitas

Cartoon of  a girl and a boy with a cat. The boy says, “Get help! I can’t get the cat off my lap.”

Faithless Feline

Cartoon of a man pointing his finger at a cat. He says, “Why must your species be so perfidious?”

When I saw this, I just had to use the word, “Perfidious.” I love my cat, but we have an understanding. If I don’t fullfill my end of the bargain, he would be gone so soon, I wouldn’t know what hit me.