Be the Change: Sermon Notes

Sermon sketch notes on "Be the Change," by Richard Triplett
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On Sunday, September 2, 2017, at Salem Church of God, Pastor Richard Triplett preached on how to Be the Change. My sketch notes from the sermon are above.

The sermon was based on the Book of Nehemiah.

The big takeaway I received from the sermon was that in spite of the massive amount of transformation our world has faced in a few short decades, most of us still fear when things begin changing. It takes a certain amount of brokenness to make change possible. The saddest situation may be when we insist on things staying the same even when we admit it is broken. 

Can we put away our idols?

Idols show up in the strangest places. An idol can be a beloved sports team, a movie start, musician, even an eletronic device. Where is my iPhone anyway? I have to find it before I hyperventilate!

Any person or object we tend to get obsessed with can be an idol. It can even be an idea. Perhaps you have problems giving up an idea that had run its course thirty years ago. Even churches and the old rituals we hold dear can become idols. Hymnals, Sunday best, bylaws and a tendency to keep doing things the same way can become idol. Change can become an idol, but it is much more likely the opposite, tradition and ritual gets idolized.

Be careful of idols. you may have one in the backyard and not be aware of it.


Yes, Change is Hard – Inc. Magazine Article

4 o'clock shift at the Ford Motor Company
4 o’clock shift at the Ford Motor Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning, I read this Inc. Article on making change happen within a company.

Change Is Hard: 8 Great Ways to Make Sure You’re Constantly Evolving – Inc.

I have witnessed how hard change is at a newer as well as older company. And I have also had the privilege working for a company where change was the only thing constant. All the companies I’ve worked for wanted change but discovered pushback from customers as well as employees. It is ironic that the very change that will benefit customers can be rejected by those same consumers.

Whether you are a leader or follower, change is vital for companies and people to thrive. As the article says, it begins with you. It also takes lots of clear communication to explain why the change is needed and how it will benefit stakeholders in the long run.

One thing the article touched on was how the messy middle affects change. We talked about that in one of my MBA classes. A change initiative feels exciting in the beginning. But when you are in the middle of the change, it is so tempting to go back to the old ways. It takes a lot of determination, self-examination, and clear communication to make change happen.

Should you change or replace the whole thing?

Cartoon of a dad and a baby at a chancing table. The dad says, "We have a dirty diaper! Instead of changing it, should I just replace it?

Change is difficult even if it smells like a dirty diaper. A baby brings a lot of change into a family. And you can be sure the baby will be changing through the course of his lifetime. Before you know it, they’re off to school, graduating and having babies of their own.

When things get hard, it’s tempting to just scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. There are times when that may even be the best course. But when it comes to children, keep going! You may need to make some changes, but stay the course.

I would still advise you to replace the entire diaper, though.


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Why change is so hard

Spear 3974

Change is a deceptively difficult thing. Even when everyone agrees changes need to be made, change is hard. People may disagree why and how the change needs to be made. They may even disagree how much and how sweeping a change needs to be. Change just isn’t an easy thing!

When it comes to business, change isn’t easy because it’s a risk. Depending how you plan, it can be a calculated risk, but still a risk.

The unknown can be scary. What if the plans you make ruin everything? What if the declining sales you get from the old, tried and true product are better than the new product? After all? you have a track record on the old item.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t feel good to stick your neck out and try something new. It can feel like a war. You may even get people who don’t like what you’re doing.

When it comes to technology, it forces all of us to learn a new task. That’s not easy when you’ve spend the last twenty years doing a task a certain way.

But change is worth it because we need to grow. We need to try new things in order to stay relevant in today’s society. Besides, who wants to grow into that old codger that is stuck in a fifty-year old time warp?

How have you succeeded at making a change? Feel free to share it in your comments.