A comedy or a tragegy?

Cartoon of a sad boy. He says, "My life is going nowhere. At this rate I'll never sell the movie rights to my life story!"

It sounds great to have a movie made about your life until you realize all life journeys worth watching involve discomfort, pain and insurmountable odds. After all, nobody needs a hero if there is nothing to be rescued from.

Why Christmas plays are hard work

Cartoon of a boy in a shepherd costume and a teacher at a Christmas play


Cartoon of a boy in a shepherd costume and a teacher. The boy says, “You call this a Christmas play? There is no playground and you’re putting us to work!”

I am a big fan of A Charlie Brown Christmas. We’re the same age. We both came to this world in 1965. I’ve been in my share of Christmas plays and they always seemed as chaotic as the one Charlie Brown is directing. And I’ve always been tempted to break out of character and just dance in the middle of the play.

Christmas plays are hard work because you have to act A LOT when you’re in one. You have to pretend that boy who you know is a practical joker is Joseph. You have to pretend the girl who kicked you in the shins during recess is Mary. Then YOU have to pretend you are somber and just seen a platoon of angels when you know full well it was the Smith triplets in bath robes.

Christmas plays are also hard work because we can’t get our head around the notion God came to Earth as a baby to a poor family and was born in a barn. Lets face it. If we were God, WE wouldn’t want to be born in a barn and we’d want more than some smelly shepherds to visit us that first night.

Those Christmas plays are just hard work!



How can you be good at Christmas?

Cartoon of a boy and an annoyed girl


Cartoon of a boy sticking out his tongue and an annoyed girl. The girl says, “How do you expect me to be good for Christmas with him in the same room?”

It’s not easy, is it? I’m ashamed to say I was probably that antagonist to my sisters a few times. If I could go back in time thirty years ago and advise my sisters, I’d say, “Just stay away from that guy. And if he persists, remind him he’ll be on the naughty list before you will.” If he believes he is already on the naughty list, remind him there is grace. Yes, Santa gives grace to, but don’t push it!

How to Show Appreciation to Your Pastor

Cartoon of a boy wanting show appreciation to his pastor


Cartoon of a boy speaking to his pastor. He says, “I want to show I appreciate you, Pastor. How about I give you a ride on my scooter?”

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. When I thought of this cartoon, I thought of the various ways people may try to show appreciation that is a little self-focused. Then again, maybe the pastor needs a scooter ride!

I drew this cartoon for the CHOGnews – October, 2013 newsletter.